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Brother Dr. Lamar Hylton Addresses the Zeta Nu Sigma Chapter

Minneapolis, Minnesota (November 24, 2015)—In wake of the Jamar Clark shooting and protests, Brother Dr. Lamar Hylton (Interim President) addresses the Zeta Nu Sigma Chapter: The events that we have witnessed nationally, internationally, and locally have caused myriad emotions to swell in our society. Anger, rage, fear, despair, and sadness, to name a few, have permeated our homes, our communities, and our greater society. It is in these moments that we must work together to ensure that we are developing a strategy that is constructive and creates the opportunity to see the change that we are hopeful for. This will require us to listen to one another, equip ourselves with historical knowledge and context that shape our worldviews, acknowledge & respect our differences, and be solution oriented in our approach to solving the critical challenges we face. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. has been on the forefront of some of the most pivotal social issues in America. Our involvement and leadership within landmark historical periods, such as the Civil Rights era, coupled with our more recent leadership addressing race relations in Ferguson and abroad, should serve as a reminder about our commitment and responsibility to social action. Moreover, these examples of leadership should also serve as a blue print for involvement in current issues. Our chapter Director of Social Action, Bro. Ron Harris, has recently emailed us with a litany of ways to become active in the issues at the local level. I implore each brother to be reminded that the only way our cause continues to speed on its way is if brothers answer the clarion call to... read more
Brotherhood Spotlight: U of Minn. Celebrates Bro. Robert Jones With UROC Community Day Naming Ceremony

Brotherhood Spotlight: U of Minn. Celebrates Bro. Robert Jones With UROC Community Day Naming Ceremony

Sourced: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities MINNEAPOLIS, MN –– As part of the celebration, the University will honor former University Professor and Senior Vice President Robert J. Jones in a 3 p.m. naming dedication ceremony with University President Eric Kaler and special guests. In recognition of the event, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has declared May 20 Robert J. Jones Day in Minneapolis to honor Jones’ work in bringing transparency, accountability and trust to relations between the University and the Minneapolis community. “Doctor Jones’ legacy runs deep through the University of Minnesota as an outstanding academic, visionary administrator and devoted champion of diversity across the state and in urban communities,” said Kaler. “The naming of UROC in his honor is an especially fitting tribute—as a leader in the development of the University’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center and many other urban initiatives, Dr. Jones has been crucial to community understanding of the University as to who we are, who we serve, and what we value.” Read... read more
Brotherhood Spotlight: Bro. Ron Harris Speaks On Spitting and Lurking Laws

Brotherhood Spotlight: Bro. Ron Harris Speaks On Spitting and Lurking Laws

Brother Ron Harris (above) testifying before the Council’s Public Safety committee in favor of the repeal of the “lurking” and spitting ordinances. Since this event, local and state press have caught wind and picked up the story. MPR – Minnesota Public Radio & CBS Minnesota “Ron Harris, who works for the community group Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, said the people cited and arrested are disproportionately people of color. We need to find ways to cut down on crime without racially profiling people who haven’t done anything wrong,” said Harris, who told the council members he believes Minneapolis is “one awful tragedy away” from expressions of outrage. “It’s no coincidence that the cities that have seen the rioting and some of the burning are also cities that have incredibly high rates of inequality across multiple spectrums, including in the criminal justice system,” Harris said. Read and Listen for... read more

Brotherhood Spotlight: Bro. Ron Harris Speaks On the State of Union Address

On the day after we celebrated the life and legacy of a great man, the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, delivered his 7th State of the Union Address. During this speech addressed to the American people, the president did what all presidents do; assessed the literal state of our union, mentioned highlights, and laid out plans and next steps to address our shortcomings. But this year was a little different. This year, the president passionately laid out a vision in which all Americans could partake. He cautioned us about the politics of cynicism, and shared with us what could happen if we broke the patterns of gridlock, and stubbornness, and actually worked together for a change. He talked about a better politics; one that focused on our best qualities and not our worst. One that invests in our neediest – our children, our poor, our veterans – and does not let these folks fall through the cracks. A politics that is open for debate, but debate that reflects our best character, not debate that is simply about proving one another wrong. A politics that is compassionate, and hopeful, and is driven by an authentic and genuine care for your brother or sister. I encourage you all to foster a sense of service and responsibility, and truly live a life that exemplifies your best qualities. It is easy to get bogged down in debates about liberalism or conservatism, or allow race to divide us, or to become cynical about the direction of our nation. Don’t take the easy route. It’s harder to see... read more

Brotherhood Spotlight: Bro. Ron Harris Announces Campaign To Run For Position on the Executive Committee (DFL)

Dear Friends, I am honored to be running to represent you on the Executive Committee as the treasurer of the party. At a time in our nation where our values are being accepted but our candidates are being rejected, the Minnesota DFL has stood alone against the trends. There is much to celebrate. This past election cycle, we retained all 5 statewide seats, and kept our congressional majority, but we did not come away unscathed. Losing the House majority was a big blow, but now is not the time to sit and lick our wounds. During this integral season for Minnesota representation, we need all hands on deck. We need all of our party leaders and party activists on one accord, and we need to put in a considerable amount of work, which is why I am honored to run as a team with Ken Martin, Marge Hoffa, Jacob Grippen, Shivanthi Sathanandan. We also need to send a clear message to our youth and people of color that not only do we want their votes and their money, but we want their leadership. We want their ideas, their values, their experiences and their insights. The best way to retain them as voters and activists is to empower them with real roles and real responsibilities. Our friends in Greater Minnesota need advocacy and attention as well. As treasurer, I will do what I can to influence decisions that ensure that they are heard. I will also be approachable and accessible, and ready and willing to listen and learn. I am looking forward to working with you all over the next few years as... read more