Chapter Leadership 2019-2020


Bro. Vincent Knox

Bro. Tyrone Taylor

Bro. Sam Ndely
State Director

Bro. Patrice Bailey
Vice State Director Elect |Webmaster

Bro. Don McGee
Chapter Treasurer  | Sigma Charitable Foundation

Bro. Dwane Martin 
Director of Education

Bigger and Better Business

Bro. Mac Webb
Director of Social Action

Bro. Michael Foster
Pi Eta Chapter Advisor
State Director Elect

Bro. Abraham McCarty
General Member

Bro. Marcus Carpenter
General Member

Bro. Leondias Butcher
General Member

Bro. Cyril Johnson
General Member

Bro. Craig Graham
General Member

Bro. Ed Robertson
General Member-Founder

Bro. Marquell Moorer
General Member

Bro. Billy Siyomvo
General Member

Bro. Michael Wulf
General Member

Bro. Russell Pointer
General Member

Bro. Jonathan Price
General Member

Bro. Aaron Rupert
General Member